Monday, February 9, 2009

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Ok, because I have absolutely nothing to do except sit around and write my thoughts, I will proceed with some ramblings that were spawned during a conversation between Troutmac and I earlier today. I began thinking of how crazy and ironic is that there is an inversely proportionate relationship between the number of passwords and logins that we have to remember as we get older, and our diminished ability to remember and access those passwords as we age. Hmmmm. Who thought this up?

I have 3 separate logins and passwords for school-related stuff; I have 4 distinct logins and passwords for work-related stuff. To complicate matters at work, one of those passwords randomly requires changing; and to further complicate them, they cannot be reused until you have cycled through 4 others first. Then there are all the logins and passwords you have to have for you personal computers, laptops, email, gmail, blogspots, internet safety software, bank accounts, credit cards, cell phone, cable, the other email accounts, utilities, I need to go on?

Let me restate the arguement - I'm not gettin' and fricken younger and my brain cells are dying at an exponentially increasing rate, yet in order to function, I have to invent and then remember one more password. But don't make it too short, because God forbid someone should be able to hack into your Windows Live account.

To relive a fave of mine related to this, check this out:

And exactly who is to blame for all of these passwords? That, my friends, is the topic for another blog. See ya!

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  1. Cracking up here - do you remember your house phone number from elementary school? Kids names? Birthdates, SSN's? spouse's birthdate, ssn, anniversary, mothers day, fathers day, grandparents day, school phone #'s (next year we will have kids in 3 different schools), starting times, ending times, soccer dates, schedules, times, band performances... wait, you just had a kid leave the nest? Oh, move over something & make room for all that information to remember. And Matt wants to use 2 different calendars to manage it all .... that requires a seperate password. Let me at him ;P